Anti Ragging Committee
  • Teasing embarrassing and humiliating
  • Assaulting or using criminal force or criminal intimidation
  • Wrongfully restraining or confining of causing hurt
  • Causing grievous hurt, kidnapping or rape or commiting unnatural offence
  • Causing death or abetting suicide
Warning Notice

Now AICTE has banned ragging in educational institutions by passing government order. Hence, any one indulging in ragging will be punished as follows.

  • Imprisonment upto a term of 3 years and
  • A fine up to Rs. 25000 and
  • Student convicted for ragging will be dismissed from the institution and shall not be admitted to any other educational institution.

9405001214Members of Ragging Curs Committee

Sr. No. Name of Members Designation Contact No.
1 Prof. Chavan A.K. Director with Chairman 9960529436
2 Mr. Alkute Prasad Pandurang Police Representative 9923195813
3 Mr. Mate Vijay Media Representative 9225322399
4 Prof. Kadam Pallavi Teaching Staff Rep. 9405001214
5 Prof. Rupali Matade Teaching Staff Rep. 9689126036
6 Prof. Pragati Sayambar Ladies Teaching Staff  Rep. 9370878980
7 Mrs. Domal V.S. Non Teaching Staff 9028520894
8 Mr. Darekar Dattatraya Raghunath Parent Representative 9762863505
9 Ms. Monika Neharkar Student Representative 7876390423
10 Mr. Shinde subodh Student Representative 7387695031


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